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“The course was very informative. Linda is very knowledgeable and taught the course in a manner that was non-intimidating and non-judgmental. I will recommend her course to others!”
- BA/Show Low

“Linda and Seth were wonderful. Made me feel very comfortable. Linda is very committed to women’s safety and knowledge of pistols. Personally, I feel I selected the best training in Arizona. I traveled approximately 330 miles to attend the class Linda was instructing. Terrific Class!”
- BDS/Green Valley

“Class had a very profound impact on me, increasing awareness level and ultimately making a gun something I wanted to do.”
- KK/Show Low

“The training course taught me many new things, but also really solidified things I already knew. Learning what we did from a woman’s perspective was extremely valuable.”
- LM/Show Low

“Thank you for offering this course. I enjoyed it and learned so much.
It helped me overcome my fear of guns.”
- ER/Pinetop

Most excellent in all respects.”
- KM/Show Low

“The classroom instruction and hands-on portions were very beneficial. I was never bored and thought the whole day went smoothly. Can’t wait to come back!”
- NB/St. Johns

"The class was amazing! It has taken me a couple days to process everything, because you and Seth (and the class) had a hell of an impact on me. It takes a few days to completely change your basic thinking on a topic. It basically brought home to me that the awareness level I always prided myself on was no guarantee of personal safety, and sometimes I may not be able to just avoid the problem. I went from actively disliking guns to actively wanting to own one and to learn to shoot. My husband is also very happy with the fact that I now know what he's talking about when he discusses guns and shooting...a topic that was always a no-no for him before.

I held my husband off until today about buying me a gun. We got the Charter Arms .38. Although I really liked the 9 mm XDM, I figured, as a complete novice at shooting, I would do better with a revolver as a first gun. I've been dry-firing it all afternoon. If I can't get around the trigger stiffness with some experience, we'll send it to a gunsmith to get adjusted. I also bought a fanny pack and will be taking the .38 when I go for my walks.

This was filmed right after 9/11/17 and presents a reality check:
How have Americans changed in 16 years.

Remember September 11th & God bless America...


WATCH! Don't make THESE mistakes!


Notice how quick the old guy drew his weapon and was ready for combat. He cleared a jam but recovered quickly and completed the task at hand.

Don’t need bullet proof glass windows -- just an old cop, soldier, or former Marine who is not afraid to engage the criminal and NOT worry about the liability.  This is what gun control is really about.  You control the criminal situation with a gun.

This short video provided by the Rockford City Police Department. 

Please be sure to watch the video.

OUTSTANDING Muzzle Control


Linda M. Gilbertson, NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor
Seth R. Nadel, NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol, Personal Protection & Ammo Reloading Instructor


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