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“The course was very informative. Linda is very knowledgeable and taught the course in a manner that was non-intimidating and non-judgmental. I will recommend her course to others!”
- BA/Show Low

“Linda and Seth were wonderful. Made me feel very comfortable. Linda is very committed to women’s safety and knowledge of pistols. Personally, I feel I selected the best training in Arizona. I traveled approximately 330 miles to attend the class Linda was instructing. Terrific Class!”
- BDS/Green Valley

“Class had a very profound impact on me, increasing awareness level and ultimately making a gun something I wanted to do.”
- KK/Show Low

“The training course taught me many new things, but also really solidified things I already knew. Learning what we did from a woman’s perspective was extremely valuable.”
- LM/Show Low

“Thank you for offering this course. I enjoyed it and learned so much.
It helped me overcome my fear of guns.”
- ER/Pinetop

Most excellent in all respects.”
- KM/Show Low

“The classroom instruction and hands-on portions were very beneficial. I was never bored and thought the whole day went smoothly. Can’t wait to come back!”
- NB/St. Johns

"The class was amazing! It has taken me a couple days to process everything, because you and Seth (and the class) had a hell of an impact on me. It takes a few days to completely change your basic thinking on a topic. It basically brought home to me that the awareness level I always prided myself on was no guarantee of personal safety, and sometimes I may not be able to just avoid the problem. I went from actively disliking guns to actively wanting to own one and to learn to shoot. My husband is also very happy with the fact that I now know what he's talking about when he discusses guns and shooting...a topic that was always a no-no for him before.

I held my husband off until today about buying me a gun. We got the Charter Arms .38. Although I really liked the 9 mm XDM, I figured, as a complete novice at shooting, I would do better with a revolver as a first gun. I've been dry-firing it all afternoon. If I can't get around the trigger stiffness with some experience, we'll send it to a gunsmith to get adjusted. I also bought a fanny pack and will be taking the .38 when I go for my walks.

God bless you all, and God bless this great country of ours!

Home Free - God Bless the USA


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