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"The class was a BLAST! It was well worth the wait and it was fun to have a class full of people who all know each other. . . As soon as we got in the truck and were driving away from your ranch 'S' said, "She's a really good teacher" I said, "Yes, she is!" Of course anyone can think that, especially if they haven't been in the field of education. I want you to know what a compliment that is. 'S' and I retired after working over 30 years at the Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind in Tucson. After working with students who live at school in the residence halls we both went into teaching in the classroom then into administration. My last 15 plus years I served as the Dean of Students and 'S' as the Principal. My point is, when you have someone of 'S's' caliber (no pun intended) immediately commenting on what a good teacher you are, that's something. I thought it was important for you to know that, along with our back grounds. . .It's wonderful that people like you and Seth are offering these classes for women. Thanks to both of you!!" PH/Lakeside

"I loved the course. To me it was invaluable since I'm single and live alone. My reason for taking the course was for self-protection and I now feel much safer."
- MB Lakeside

"I loved all of it. The discussion about fear and overcoming it was outstanding."
- SM/Snowflake

“Physical fitness, critical thinking skills, quick recognition of evil,
and avoidance have a bigger role in your survival than your gear.”

We Asked Real Women at the World's Biggest Gun Show:

Why Do You Own a Gun?



Linda M. Gilbertson, NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal
Protection Instructor


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