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Mike and I have made a deal to go shooting at least twice a month... and we will take all of the guns along. I'm assuming that will give me a lot of experience with different flavors... I figure that ultimately I'll trade in the .38 for something else as I become more experienced.

Thanks for an amazing day! It has truly changed my life."
- KK/Show Low, A

"It's great the instructor is willing to accompany each student in purchasing a firearm."

"I'm still jazzed about the training I received."

Shocking as it may seem, violent incidents happen several times each year at churches across the country. Most violent acts are carried out by people who have some connection to the congregation. The most common violent act at churches as with schools, is a shooting. Often there are warning signs to the violent act, such as threats or previous outbursts, disputes, or confrontations.

Ultimately, most churches are unprepared for a violent event or its aftermath. Because places of worship are open to the public, churches have become more vulnerable to these senseless acts of violence. In many cases, a church building is viewed as more vulnerable than other locations. In some cases, the church or a member is the specific target.

Businesses also share a similar threat with disgruntled employees, patrons and complete strangers whose motives are robbery or retribution. Also open to the public, employees and patrons are vulnerable as well. No amount of planning can stop someone from wanting to harm others.

Nevertheless, having a plan of prevention can make your church or business a more difficult target and can reduce the harm if violence occurs. A recommendation for effective planning is to prepare for when something happens rather than if it happens.

TEAM IMPACT can examine your situation and make recommendations of how best to secure your business or church and prepare your employees or congregation to adequately respond to a variety of threats and concerns.

Since each situation is different, a Security Survey is necessary to establish weaknesses and strengths. A report is then generated with recommendations for changes and for training.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


Security Survey - $100.00/business | $50.00/church

Assistance in selecting a Security Director  $25.00/hour

Training for Business Personnel, Church Greeters, Ushers and Security Personnel - $150.00/3 hrs. (three hours at your facility, maximum 20 persons)

Firearms Training for Security Personnel - $150.00/person (eight hours at the Second Knoll Target Range, maximum 5 persons/class, qualifies for CCW)

"Team Impact is so much more than just learning how to shoot a gun.
Linda opened my eyes and mind to so much. I can't wait to take another class."
IS/Paradise Valley

"This (rifle) course is safe, education and fun. The instructors are awesome.
A good mix of class room and range."
KK/Show Low

Linda M. Gilbertson, NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor
Seth R. Nadel, NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol, Personal Protection & Ammo Reloading Instructor


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