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“I really enjoyed the class, especially since there were only a few students. Not only did I learn how to be a better shooter, but I learned more about the actual gun, the ammunition and how to deal with real-life situations.”
- AT/Alpine

“This class was outstanding. Above & beyond my expectations. I feel I am able to speak more knowledgeable when engaging in conversation. I am highly recommending this class to any of my female friends that show an interest in learning to shoot or become better.”
- DS/Phoenix

“My fear of guns was alleviated, so the actual shooting was beneficial and knowing that the gun will not go off by itself was a relief.” - JY/Show Low

"Excellent course, great for basic knowledge on gun safety and usage."
IL/Show Low

“I want to thank you so much for the class we took. You don’t know how reassuring it was to hear that we were doing it right. We may not have been doing it their way but then again we aren’t built like the guys are. My husband does not understand why my attitude changed from not sure what I am doing to knowing damn well what I am doing. I like the change and he isn’t sure.”
LH/Camp Verde

“Linda’s instruction was a perfect balance of lecture, demonstration, practice, DVD, discussion. I appreciate that Linda offered additional practice sessions and I know I can call her for help in anything associated with the basics of pistol shooting.”

“All of it was well prepared and presented. Linda did a good job individualizing the training according to needs and abilities. She has a very positive attitude!” ~ MR/Snowflake

“This was the best class I have ever taken on the basics.”

“Every woman should have the pleasure of taking this class with someone like Linda. I feel so fortunate.”

“I now feel safe with the gun out of the safe, handling, loading and understanding the operation of it. I’m empowered!! Thanks so much for your positive input, Linda.”

“The instructor (Linda) was great. She was a great example of a strong woman.”
- AH/Show Low

“Wow! I now feel empowered and not as afraid of pistols. Think I will have my own now.”
- RF/Overgaard

"This was the best 8 hours I've spent in a long time! Thanks so much." ~ SR/Show Low, AZ

"Your course re-energized my enthusiasm about shooting. Now, I want to practice more, get a trigger-job on my .38 S&W, maybe even buy another handgun . . . a girl can never own too many guns!! Thanks Again!" ~ MC/Show Low, AZ

“Great one-on-one help. Linda & Seth were super instructors! I loved it!” RC/Vernon

“I knew I was going to learn something but I didn’t think I was going to learn so much and have so much fun doing it.” DM/Show Low

“Excellent even if you come in with some knowledge of guns, but a necessity if you have not used guns before.”

An Infographic from the NRA blog

Self-Defense Against a Knife: Tips & Tactics from an Expert

This article appeared originally as "Blade Runner" in the January 2017 issue of Shooting Illustrated.

In recent years, curbside stabbings in Jerusalem, slashings in New York and an edged-weapon assault injuring eight at a shopping mall in Minnesota are clear examples of a disturbing trend of knife attacks against civilians. Although we may all be potential victims of physical violence, few of us are fully equipped to handle such assaults.

5 Things to Master for Weak-Side Shooting

Mastering our shooting skills comes in two distinct phases. The first is gaining the fundamentals that allow us to hit our target consistently and accurately. Once that becomes second nature, we need to turn to application training. This is especially true for defensive handgun work. In short, we need to learn how to fight with our handgun. This means training in low light, around obstructions and even with one hand at times. It is this last skill that can be most challenging. The reasons for doing this range from training to shoot with a potential injury or even if you are holding someone to protect them. 

5 Handling Tips for a Home-Defense Shotgun

This article ran originally in the December 2016 issue of Shooting Illustrated as "Managing the Defensive Shotgun."

There is no doubt that the shotgun is an excellent defensive tool, generally stopping close-range fights with a certainty no handgun ever possessed. Moreover, in the hands of a determined individual, the presence of a shotgun has often kept fights from starting in the first place. Here are a few tips, in no particular order, that will help individuals make their shotgun an even more effective defensive tool.

Single-Handed Shooting - Why Practice It?

It all started with police dash-cam videos.

Then came increasingly ubiquitous security cameras, and now body cameras are becoming common for law enforcement. With this vast increase in available cameras, more and more legitimate defensive-shooting incidents are being captured on video. It’s common enough that there are entire YouTube channels dedicated to doing detailed “lessons learned”-type reviews of the footage found on the web.

Custom Handgun Grips: Finding the Right Fit & Feel

The basics of mastering a handgun never change. They have been in place since the first handgun was designed centuries ago. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting a flintlock or a striker-fired semi-automatic pistol, the elementary standards of proper handling remain in place. Those standards are sight picture, trigger control and proper grip of the handgun.

Tips for Starting to Carry

Daily concealed carry seems effortless for many. We refuse to be victims and hold sacred having the ability to protect and defend ourselves if needed. Each day we make carrying our firearm a part of our routine. This should be black and white, cut and dried, and easy for anyone who exercises their Second Amendment right, correct? Wrong. There are many citizens among us who value this right yet are hesitant to exercise it because they’re timid about carrying. Their apprehension is understandable. I would surmise that each and every one of us know someone who struggles with being afraid to carry. When we meet those people, we must abstain from chastising and instead offer solutions they can use to overcome their fear. In this article you will find helpful tips that, when practiced, will “ease you into carrying.”

Top 10 Drills to Improve Your Shooting

You’ve made the decision to enter the world of firearms and purchased your first handgun. After the first trip to the range though, many shooters look long and hard at their gun and wonder what is wrong with it. They look at their target and see they didn’t shoot the tiny groups at blazing speed like the folks on the internet did. The shocking news, my friend, is that it is rarely an actual firearm issue. The handgun is simply a difficult tool to master. It is relatively small, with a short sight radius, and those things make it difficult to be consistently accurate. Fear not, though! Here are 10 exercises to help your overall accuracy. Let’s look at them in detail.

Back to Basics: Get a Grip … On Your Handgun

Despite the ongoing attacks on our Second Amendment rights, we gunners are actually pretty blessed with an array of accessible firearms. Modern manufacturing capabilities and new lightweight and extremely strong materials can be made into guns that only existed as a dream a generation ago. But with so many guns on the market, it can be a daunting task to find the right one to get started. Take handguns, for instance.

Concealed Carry: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Receiving a concealed carry permit doesn’t mean you are ready to start carrying your firearm everywhere. New permit holders might not realize the variety of mistakes that could compromise their permit or lead to other legal trouble. Here are 10 of the most common problems you might face that can easily be avoided.

Handguns and Holsters: Seminars Focus on CCW for Women

It’s a question women have asked every day since ancient times: What should I wear? Today, many women have broadened the scope of the question to ask not only which blouse, skirt or slacks, but which firearm and concealment holster she should don. 

While the answer to that question is ultimately different for each woman who chooses to carry concealed, arriving at the right answer is a critical consideration in this highly responsible decision. 



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