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“I really enjoyed the class, especially since there were only a few students. Not only did I learn how to be a better shooter, but I learned more about the actual gun, the ammunition and how to deal with real-life situations.”
- AT/Alpine

“This class was outstanding. Above & beyond my expectations. I feel I am able to speak more knowledgeable when engaging in conversation. I am highly recommending this class to any of my female friends that show an interest in learning to shoot or become better.”
- DS/Phoenix

“My fear of guns was alleviated, so the actual shooting was beneficial and knowing that the gun will not go off by itself was a relief.” - JY/Show Low

"Excellent course, great for basic knowledge on gun safety and usage."
IL/Show Low

“I want to thank you so much for the class we took. You don’t know how reassuring it was to hear that we were doing it right. We may not have been doing it their way but then again we aren’t built like the guys are. My husband does not understand why my attitude changed from not sure what I am doing to knowing damn well what I am doing. I like the change and he isn’t sure.”
LH/Camp Verde

“Linda’s instruction was a perfect balance of lecture, demonstration, practice, DVD, discussion. I appreciate that Linda offered additional practice sessions and I know I can call her for help in anything associated with the basics of pistol shooting.”

“All of it was well prepared and presented. Linda did a good job individualizing the training according to needs and abilities. She has a very positive attitude!” ~ MR/Snowflake

“This was the best class I have ever taken on the basics.”

“Every woman should have the pleasure of taking this class with someone like Linda. I feel so fortunate.”

“I now feel safe with the gun out of the safe, handling, loading and understanding the operation of it. I’m empowered!! Thanks so much for your positive input, Linda.”

“The instructor (Linda) was great. She was a great example of a strong woman.”
- AH/Show Low

“Wow! I now feel empowered and not as afraid of pistols. Think I will have my own now.”
- RF/Overgaard

"This was the best 8 hours I've spent in a long time! Thanks so much." ~ SR/Show Low, AZ

"Your course re-energized my enthusiasm about shooting. Now, I want to practice more, get a trigger-job on my .38 S&W, maybe even buy another handgun . . . a girl can never own too many guns!! Thanks Again!" ~ MC/Show Low, AZ

“Great one-on-one help. Linda & Seth were super instructors! I loved it!” RC/Vernon

“I knew I was going to learn something but I didn’t think I was going to learn so much and have so much fun doing it.” DM/Show Low

“Excellent even if you come in with some knowledge of guns, but a necessity if you have not used guns before.”



Self-Defense Decision Making: The OODA Loop

When you’re in an emergency situation, you can make wiser decisions by taking time to OODA: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

I’ve written before about how important it is that you have a threat assessment model—I like AOI as discussed in this article, but it’s less important which model you use and more important that you just have one. A good threat assessment model helps you make decisions about whether or not deadly force is justified in a particular self-defense situation and also helps you explain yourself later as the legal aftermath unfolds. But it’s not the only model you need.

Keep Bear Spray as a Backup

If you are hunting, hiking or camping off the grid, keep your firearm and bear spray close at hand!

The best defense against large wildlife predators is to become educated about their habits, habitats and biology. Practicing good and sound techniques to prevent encounters with large wildlife predators can circumvent the need for more extreme measures.


4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Carry a Gun

Thinking about carrying concealed? There are few things you’ve got to sit down and contemplate before you’re ready.

Maybe you’re a longtime shooter who has never before carried concealed. Maybe you’re brand new to the firearms thing, and you’re not sure where to start. No matter your situation, if you’re thinking it’s time for you to start concealed carrying, welcome! We celebrate anyone who wants to exercise her Second Amendment rights and take charge of her personal safety, but never forget that this is very serious business that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So before you strap on a gun and head out of the house, I want you to sit down and think about a few things to make sure you’re ready for the responsibility you’re about to take on.


Managing a Malfunction: Semi-Automatic Pistols

Here are the most common types of malfunctions, why they happen and what you can do to clear the stoppage.

A few years ago I attended a women’s self-defense seminar at a range located about an hour north of where I live. At the beginning of the class, we were required to watch a short video featuring a young woman who lived alone. She arrived home from work, at night, tired. While unlocking her front door, she noticed a white van parked across the street. Because she knew all her neighbors’ vehicles and had never seen that van before, she became suspicious.


How to Master True Concealment with Everyday Carry

As more and more private citizens choose to arm themselves, many will be faced with new problems—problems they had not anticipated, nor could anyone for that matter. The simple fact they have chosen to arm themselves can bring consternation down upon them. It can reach deep into their lives, to their work and extended families. There are many who are determined to force their views, opinions and thoughts on you whether you like it or not. In today’s atmosphere you are not just concealing your carry gun from potential criminals, you are concealing it from everyone.


How to Stop a Deadly Encounter Before it Begins

As someone who carries a concealed firearm every day, my main defensive strategy centers around avoidance. The last thing I want is involvement in a shooting, so it’s in my best interests to avoid people, places and situations that could result in a need to defend myself or my family. I’m aware the world can be a dangerous place and I may run into people who wish to do me harm. Knowing this, I try to remain alert and attuned to my surroundings.


The Well Armed Woman: What CCW Method is Best For Your Body Type?

TWAW surveyed 1,500 women of all shapes and sizes who carry concealed handguns, with fascinating results.

It may be uncomfortable to discuss how our body sizes and shapes can affect the way we need to carry a concealed firearm, but there's something else that's more uncomfortable ... and that is going out unprotected because we can't find a comfortable CCW method. As women, it's common for us to blame our bodies when a garment doesn't look or feel right on them, and sometimes that erroneous attitude can slop over to our concealed-carry gear. That's why our friends at The Well Armed Woman asked 1,500 women who carry concealed handguns those tough questions, and the answers just might revolutionize your concealed-carry comfort.


5 Types of Handgun Sights: What's Right for You?

A sight is a sight is a sight … right?

So, a sight is a sight, is a sight … right? Just line 'em up and pull the trigger. While the sights your gun came with might work just fine, it's possible a different kind of system could work better for you. Handgun sights come in many different configurations, but with a little bit of research you can elevate your shooting experience with the ideal sights for you.


Top Tips for Single-Handed Self-Defense

Most defensive shooting situations leave no time for a two-handed defensive draw. Here's how to be ready.

The first time I saw one-handed shooting on TV I was mesmerized! The shooters were so calm and competent. Shooting with two hands is tough enough in a competition, but shooting with just one hand? Now that is impressive..


What Cooper's Color Code Means for Women

Women sometimes must practice situational awareness a little differently than men ...

As you begin to delve into the world of armed self-defense, sooner or later you'll hear about "Cooper's Color Code" for situational awareness. It's a simple way to think about self-defense created by Col. Jeff Cooper, gun-handling guru and Gunsite founder, but that "simplicity" is a bit deceptive. Although it's simple to understand what the color code means, it's not always that simple to understand what it means for you, and that's due in part to the fact that much of the self-defense literature out there assumes the subject is male. Situational awareness is a little different for women, because the kinds of threats we deal with and our natural responses to those threats are different. Here's what that looks like in "real-world" applications.


Give New Shooters the Gifts of Confidence, Safety and Security

These gifts do exist—in the form of an NRA Firearms Training Course!

Looking to give a gift that could change someone’s life—a gift that has annual returns? How about a gift that can offer safety, security and peace of mind as well? Perhaps these intangibles are what you have always wanted to give to family and friends, but were not sure how to go about doing it.

How to Build Shooting Skills Without Burning Through Your Ammo

OThese days ammunition is scarce and expensive, and it looks like this situation is likely to persist for some time. Although most of the drills I’ve written up in this column are designed to be practiced with less than a box of ammunition, we’re at the point where even this small amount of ammo is hard to come by—or can’t be replaced. What can you do to maintain your skills? The answer is dry practice..

You might be surprised to learn we make extensive use of dry practice during our shooting classes at Gunsite. “Wait,” you say, “Isn’t Gunsite a shooting school?” Yes, it is, but we consider dry practice to be essential for skill development.




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