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“I really enjoyed the class, especially since there were only a few students. Not only did I learn how to be a better shooter, but I learned more about the actual gun, the ammunition and how to deal with real-life situations.”
- AT/Alpine

“This class was outstanding. Above & beyond my expectations. I feel I am able to speak more knowledgeable when engaging in conversation. I am highly recommending this class to any of my female friends that show an interest in learning to shoot or become better.”
- DS/Phoenix

“My fear of guns was alleviated, so the actual shooting was beneficial and knowing that the gun will not go off by itself was a relief.” - JY/Show Low

"Excellent course, great for basic knowledge on gun safety and usage."
IL/Show Low

“I want to thank you so much for the class we took. You don’t know how reassuring it was to hear that we were doing it right. We may not have been doing it their way but then again we aren’t built like the guys are. My husband does not understand why my attitude changed from not sure what I am doing to knowing damn well what I am doing. I like the change and he isn’t sure.”
LH/Camp Verde

“Linda’s instruction was a perfect balance of lecture, demonstration, practice, DVD, discussion. I appreciate that Linda offered additional practice sessions and I know I can call her for help in anything associated with the basics of pistol shooting.”

“All of it was well prepared and presented. Linda did a good job individualizing the training according to needs and abilities. She has a very positive attitude!” ~ MR/Snowflake

“This was the best class I have ever taken on the basics.”

“Every woman should have the pleasure of taking this class with someone like Linda. I feel so fortunate.”

“I now feel safe with the gun out of the safe, handling, loading and understanding the operation of it. I’m empowered!! Thanks so much for your positive input, Linda.”

“The instructor (Linda) was great. She was a great example of a strong woman.”
- AH/Show Low

“Wow! I now feel empowered and not as afraid of pistols. Think I will have my own now.”
- RF/Overgaard

"This was the best 8 hours I've spent in a long time! Thanks so much." ~ SR/Show Low, AZ

"Your course re-energized my enthusiasm about shooting. Now, I want to practice more, get a trigger-job on my .38 S&W, maybe even buy another handgun . . . a girl can never own too many guns!! Thanks Again!" ~ MC/Show Low, AZ

“Great one-on-one help. Linda & Seth were super instructors! I loved it!” RC/Vernon

“I knew I was going to learn something but I didn’t think I was going to learn so much and have so much fun doing it.” DM/Show Low

“Excellent even if you come in with some knowledge of guns, but a necessity if you have not used guns before.”

An Infographic from the NRA blog

5 Critical Mistakes Made by Defensive Gun Owners

Working in the field of personal defense, I make an effort to keep informed about defensive techniques, equipment and training. The most-obvious thing I see is that there is a lot of good gear and ideas out there. However, it is also obvious that there are some folks who, though they seem well-meaning, come up with some faulty information and ideas. It is important for us not to be too critical of this sort of thing. After all, we went through the learning process to develop our defensive skills and training, too. With that in mind, here are a few defensive mistakes that occur from time to time.

The 'Surprise' Shot: Examining a Common Training Technique

You’re not new to shooting and have been to a number of classes in an effort to improve your marksmanship overall and your proficiency with a handgun, in competition and self-defense, in particular. There seems to be a common theme among instructors teaching the classes that you have yet to fully understand. There is emphasis given to firing a shot with each one coming as a surprise to the shooter, particularly when focusing on accuracy. It seems to you if the gun goes off as a surprise each time, it may not be where you want it to be on the target every time you shoot, which is the same spot. You know you must be missing something, but you really have never gotten a satisfactory answer that explains why every shot has to be a surprise.

Julie Golob Discusses Training for Personal Defense

Competitive shooter Julie Golob was asked: What’s the best advice you could give someone for how to practice for defensive shooting?

“Training for personal protection isn’t so different than training for competition in many ways. In my type of shooting, action shooting, when training for matches I set up a course of fire to prepare me for the event. For defensive training, you do the same thing; it's just a different event. Targets should be set up at realistic distances..."

Burglar-Proof: Tips & Tactics for Home Security

Honest people tend to visualize those with criminal intent as we see it on television or in the movies. We think we will be asleep in bed at 2:00 a.m. when a burglar breaks into our home through a window or by crashing a rear door. We’re going to wake up and secure our family, call 911 and be ready with our home-defense firearm in case we need it. The reality is that this scenario is highly unlikely. Breaking into a residence when its owners are home turns a burglary into a home invasion. In my home state of Illinois, home invasion is a Class X felony, punishable by life in prison. 

4 Tips for Picking the Right Concealed-Carry Pistol

People interested in getting their first defensive handgun may be a bit overcome when they walk into a gun shop and look at the vast assortment of handguns that are available today. Further, they can easily become confused by the advice, well-meaning though it may be, offered by the clerk behind the counter. These folks should understand that many of us who have carried defensive handguns for years have tried an assortment of different guns before settling on what works best for us. Here are some ideas that might help these new folks shorten their search for the defensive handgun that suits them best.

Fight Smart: Tips & Tactics for the Armed Citizen

Some time back, my partner and I were serving as guinea pigs for a new class at Gunsite Academy. They called it “Team Tactics For 2,” and it was to be a class designed to teach couples how to work together for their mutual protection and defense. The last couple of days were set aside for force-on-force exercises using marking rounds.

In one exercise, we were told to leave the house and walk to our car as though we were about to go out to eat.

5.11 Tactical's New, Decidedly Different, Designs for Her

5.11 Tactical was one of the first manufacturers to offer tactical shirts, pants and jackets for women, and it has continually expanded its apparel line to reflect the fit and function of women who carry guns. New styles and sizes, as well as some non-traditional items that serve as double duty from the shooting range to work to working out were rumored, so it was worth making time to stop by the 5.11 Tactical booth at the 2018 SHOT Show. This year’s visit did not disappoint. Not only did we get to see the latest in its women’s apparel line—including a cool tote bag that will carry a yoga mat—but we also met the designer of the line, Tiffany Yerby-Dillon, who explained the decision-making behind some of the pieces. Most are available for purchase now, with a few (where noted) due out later in the year. 

Handguns and Holsters: Seminars Focus on CCW for Women

It’s a question women have asked every day since ancient times: What should I wear? Today, many women have broadened the scope of the question to ask not only which blouse, skirt or slacks, but which firearm and concealment holster she should don. 

While the answer to that question is ultimately different for each woman who chooses to carry concealed, arriving at the right answer is a critical consideration in this highly responsible decision. 

The Most Important Self-Defense Skills You Can Have

I think it would be interesting to ask a bunch of defensive shooters what they consider the two most important defensive skills might be. I suspect that we would get answers like the ability to hit a target accurately. Others might suggest the ability to quickly and smoothly draw the defensive handgun. Others, still, might talk about the importance of being able to manage a handgun that is chambered for a real fight-stopping caliber.

Mother of Two Explains Why She Joined NRA

One mother is so fed up with the cultural and media narrative of blaming the object for the crime, she decided to join the NRA. Lauren DeBellis Appell, former press secretary for Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., penned an opinion article for

In her piece, DeBellis Appell wrote that she has grown tired of the histrionic virtue-signaling and “absence of common sense that I’ve witnessed recently.”



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